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A type of game that takes place in the 20th century, a time of horses, jeans, duels and Rails rewards carbon and much more. . This game no stranger offers a huge desert area rich in game, horses, rewards, interact, demand and much more. There are several awards, including the hunting missions and intrigues of the main tasks of 57 and mission facing the unknown. In this game a former Forajido play as John Marston, cleaning or recording She drives from his old friend Bill Williamson (Williamson conductor) return. John va Fort Mercer, a guarded fortress, the cave by Bill Williamson and the gang at the beginning. Williamson said us but Bill compressed movies direct download kills men. But this is not the time to die, a man and a woman saves and brings on John Macfarlane's ranch. From there the main plot starts and looking for a trip to John Marston to return to his old friend Bill, where she earned. This is a great game in the world with the unique fighting style open. White knows something about Kung Fu at the beginning, but as an ancient statue of the master teacher of the Zodiac is a new technique to combat special. The plot and you are how does ready to shoot from 10 enemies at the same time, to find the statues. Aside, the surprising mission Square Enix said that players don't get bored. It trained many side-quests, which can on cocks, you sure bet participate in the races and the most beautiful, fighting many fighters in the sand. Hunting is the Hunter on the handle of the CryEngine 3 Crysis powered open world! Players take on the role of the Prophet there after New York in 2047, see, that the city already designed by the cellular company damaged a dome was added. The dome of the freedom of New York is an authentic urban jungle full of trees covered part, rivers and dense swamp angered. Inside the dome of the freedom, seven wonders of the world known as diverse and treacherous environments. This new dangerous world requires tactics and advanced weapons. Prophet is a lethal composite bow, use a better Stabalux and devastating deadliest fighter of the planet alien technology. The Prophet is a revenge mission after discovering the truth behind the cell reasons Corporation for the construction of nano domes in quarantine. Citizens had said, that the city of huge structures to protect of the population and clean these cities from the remnants of the forces of the cephalometric commissioned been. In fact, the Nano domes are an attempt of the secret cell on Earth and technology in their quest for world domination. CEPH TAPI in each corner and the enemies to attack foreigners, no one is safe on the path of revenge. The world is a target in the pursuit of the Prophet of compensation. Caught between two rival factions in the torn apart by war Africa, sends the Jackal, remove a mysterious character who has rekindled the conflict between the warlords to endanger thousands of lives. To fulfill its mission that play off factions against each other, identify their weaknesses to exploit and his superior in number and armament with surprise, subversion, cunning and, of course, to neutralize brute force. Far cry 2 turns players into a whole new kind of gaming experience with a custom game was from the ground up to the module. Players discover a true game in the world in Africa, for the life of the next generation of HD technology brought open. The player controls Marsh, a guy with the hair ends and a long scarf, attempting to escape from his cell and to reach down and outside of dungeons,. .