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Production or development of the 2012 film not Yeh had suspended in 2010 because of the financial difficulties of MGM was. She began to bankruptcy before the production after the release of the MGM December 21, 2010, also during January 2011 officially awarded was unusual film MGM, as well as the family of broccoli, with production, which is expected to end 2011 begins a release date of November 9, 2012. MGM and Sony Pictures also reports since then that the United Kingdom and Ireland 26 release date. October 2012, to mp4 movies direct expect that United States 14 days prior to the release date would be November 9, 2012 are generally still. Approximately $150 million is the budget of the film, minus the $200 million to quantum of solace. The film should be associated, celebrations with the 50th anniversary since Dr. No with his series of James Bond films a year. As reported by the producer, Michael Wilson, is usually programmed personal documentation, follow the filming of the movie, anniversary to celebrate reality. Yeh is not up to the films of James Bond 1 ° test, to be released in IMAX theatres. The film, 07 November 2011. .